Electric Gate Openers

The Different Points To Consider When Choosing An Automatic Gate Opener 

Using an automatic gate opener is a relief for people who do not enjoy the idea of climbing in and out of the car to open or close the driveway gate.  It is true that driveway gates can add security to the property; however, it can be a hassle to open or close the manual gate after a while.  Automatic openers are convenient and make the use of the driveway gate more enjoyable as you will not need to leave the car to deal with the gate manually.

An automatic gate control can also be utilized in agricultural facilities, such as those that handle cattle.  They are beneficial because cattle can be difficult to block at fences and gates; therefore, automatic openers will manage the gates according to the individual's needs.  Unfortunately, choosing the ideal gate opener can be a confusing task as there are several options available on the market.  This article will provide information on the points to consider when choosing an automatic gate remote.


1.  The Material Used

When investing in an electronic gate opener, it is important that the opener you purchase is worth the money you will be spending.  While you may assume a gate opener constructed of plastic may be more affordable with the same benefits as others, this is not always the case.  Automatic door openers' manufactured using plastic tends to break easily because plastic is a brittle material.  It should also be noted that openers created from untreated metal are prone to rust, which is detrimental in areas with wet climates.

To determine if the automatic gate control is create using metal or plastic, it is recommended that you purchase the two different brands and weigh them.  As can be imagined, metal will be heavier than plastic.  If you prefer lighter openers, it would be better to keep the plastic opener; however, the metal openers are more durable as compared to a plastic alternative.  Stainless steel automatic gate openers are also faster than plastic gate openers.


2.  The Operator Package

Another factor to consider when choosing the ideal electronic gate opener is the type of operate package used when opening the gate.  The swing gate opener package operates using a hinge to slide the gate open and closed.  A linear arm operate package swings the gate dependent on how the vehicle is approaching the item.  Underground operator packages will slide the gate out of the way and allows the operator system to remain hidden. 

The reason why the operator package needs to be considered is that the opener must be compatible to the package.  You must also consider the aesthetic appeal of the gate; therefore, if you are interested in a pleasing opener it may be best to opt for the hidden alternative.


3.  The Mounting System

The final factor to consider is the mounting system of the gate.  Certain gate openers will operate in accordable with all mounting systems; however, there are those that are compatible with specific systems exclusively.